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Every vehicle is made up of a complex network of components, working in harmony; well – most of the time. Sometimes wear and tear, an unexpected fault, or damage sustained in an accident can lead to this harmony being disrupted. When this happens, or Stevenage based garage is on hand to provide fast and accurate diagnostics, and provide the appropriate car repairs with high quality OEM parts. In a nut shell, our mission is to get you back safely on the road ASAP.

One of the most problematic components to experience a fault with is your brakes, for obvious reasons. If they’re not operating at 100% functionality, then you stopping distance in all conditions, not least on wet and icy roads, could be hampered. This could easily lead to a nasty collision and serious injury. So in this inaugural blog post, we’ve looked to run over a few common signs that signal brake trouble. If you notice any of them, visit S Keene Autos in Stevenage for diagnostics and car repairs!

Common Signs of Brake Trouble

Squealing – Noticed a high-pitched squealing noise that starts while you’re in motion, and finishes when you step on the brakes? This is usually your brake pad wear indicators telling you its time for a change. This a quick and cheap fix, and should be handled before damage occurs to the rotor, which will result in the need for more expensive and serious car repairs at our Stevenage garage.

Grinding – Hear a grinding sound when you step on the brakes? This can indicate a few different issues. It could be as simple as a foreign object trapped in the caliper unit, or simply that it’s been a while since you underwent car servicing (which we offer to motorists in Stevenage and its surrounds). It can also signal a lack of lubrication in vehicles featuring rear drum brake, or that the brake shoe has rusted. To get to the bottom of it, visit us for diagnostics.

Wobbling & Vibration – Does your steering wheel shake or vibrate when you brake? This can be caused by an uneven rotor. As a component, it needs to be smooth and even in thickness so that its interactions with your brake pads are efficient. Wear And tear can cause the rotor to become uneven, and they can also rust due to related issues with bodywork etc. Dealing With this issue is straight forward as car repairs go. Another cause of this particular issue can be a faulty brake caliper which isn’t releasing correctly, perhaps due to heat or debris off the road. Botched lug nut installation can also lead to poor braking.

Leaks – Is your brake pedal soft under foot? Your system may have sprung a leak. Your brake fluid reservoir needs to be topped up to create sufficient hydraulic pressure when your foot pushes down on the pedal. Our Stevenage mechanics can find the cause of the leak, patch it up then top up your brake fluid, restoring optimal functionality.

But these aren’t the only symptoms that can warn you of imminent or ongoing brake trouble. Also keep an eye out for the following symptoms:

Unsure what issue is plaguing your vehicle? Call S Keen Autos in Stevenage on 01438 362 234. We’ll get you booked in for diagnostics, and get you an ultra-competitive quote for the required car repairs!