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For the final instalment of our first blog series we’ve looked at a topic we hope will be of serious interest to our Stevenage clients: the most common reasons why motorists fail MOTs. By identifying them, we hope it’ll help you be aware of what to look out for, and how to prepare for a test where you pass first try!

Remember, just as we provide the MOTs themselves, we’re happy to help Stevenage motorists with MOT preparation and any repairs you might require to ensure you’re certified road safe and road legal. So to book in, and save money over fast-fits and dealerships’ equivalent offerings, give S Keene Autos a call on 01438 362 234 or 01438 222 255.

The 5 Most Common Reasons Motorists Fail MOTs

Lights – It’s estimated around 17% of failed MOTs are due to faulty brake lights, headlights or indicators; this category also includes poor headlight aim. Lights are checked during car servicing, but we’d also recommend that from time to time you have a household member stand outside your vehicle while you check each light; should one not work properly, visit our Stevenage garage. They aren’t something that can be ignored, both due to the law, and in interest of your road safety.

Tyres – Around 14% of MOTs fail due to tyre tread depth or previously unnoticed structural damage. Tyres are legally required to have 1.6mm depth to be deemed road legal. However, do keep in mind the drastically increased stopping distance that low (but technically legal) depth can result in. It’s usually worth replacing tyres before you’re required to, to ensure a safe stopping distance in the cold and wet weather that Stevenage can be known for! As with your lights, tyres will be checked over during car servicing.

Registration Plate – The same proportion, 14%, of failed MOTs, can be attributed to registration plate issues. They need to be perfectly readable in all conditions. So damage or a faulty reg plate light will both be issues that require remedy.

Windscreen & Wipers – Many MOTs fail due to the driver’s view of the road being obscured. One thing that plays into this is the condition of your windscreen and wipers. Tears and damage with the latter aren’t deemed to be acceptable wear and tear. With the former, chips and cracks in a place that obscures vision will lead to a fail. For this reason, we urge Stevenage motorists to visit us for car repairs and get them sorted ahead of your MOT appointment.

Brakes – Your brakes have such an essential part to play in keeping you safe on the road, that failed MOTs are the least of your worries if you’re experiencing difficulty in this area! Worn brake pads and similar issues should be immediately addressed by a trained mechanic, like those found at S Keen Autos in Stevenage, well before it comes time for MOTs.

Nearly time for you to undergo testing? Book in MOTs at S Keene Autos in Stevenage and receive a fantastic service, at amazing prices. Call 01438 362 234 or 01438 222 255 today!