MOTs in Stevenage | Helping Cars to Pass the Annual MOT Test

More than 40% of Class IV MOTs result in a first-time failure. What makes this figure even more concerning is that close to half of these failures could have been avoided. You can save precious time and money by performing a few basic checks and undertaking maintenance, if it is required, so that your car has a better chance of passing the MOT inspection at our testing facility in Stevenage. S. Keene Autos has approval to test from the DVSA.

Because MOTs are so finely in the balance, at least according to the statistics, we offer you our advice on preparing your car for the annual inspection here in our latest blog post. S. Keene Autos has qualified mechanics who can also perform a preliminary inspection of your car ahead of the actual test.

Check Lights and Indicators

Sit in your car and have a family member check the headlights, brake lights and indicators while you activate them. 17% of failed MOTs happen due to damaged lighting. Usually, a simple bulb replacement will rectify any issues. Our garage in Stevenage can replace bulbs for you if you require this service.

We recommend that you check your lights and indicators weekly.


At the very least, take your car for a valet a few days before the MOT test. If your vehicle is dirty or has a covering of traffic film, it might obscure the number plate. Dirty or non-conforming plates contribute to 14% of failed MOTs. The price of a car wash could help your vehicle through the test.

Note that 3D and 4D lettering is legal on registration plates, but they must still comply with stipulations set out in BS AU 145e (2021).

Tyre Checks

14% of our Stevenage and Hertfordshire customers experience failed MOTs because their tyres have worn below the legal minimum depth of 1.6mm. Damage to the tyre walls, punctures and any other irregularities will also lead to a test failure. Tyres on spare wheels must also be in legal condition.

If you are aware of a worn tyre, please talk to our mechanics when booking in for a MOT and we’ll arrange to have a new one fitted before testing.


If there is damage to the rear view or side mirrors, or if the mirrors are missing completely, this is a failure point on Class IV MOTs (and, indeed, across all other categories where the mirrors are part of the inspection criteria). Make sure that loose side mirrors are fully secured ahead of the MOT inspection.

Should you need a replacement mirror prior to the MOT test, we have a supplier network in the Stevenage area and can order one in for you.

Fluid Levels

Motorists should check fluid levels weekly. The windscreen washer fluid level is a particularly important consideration and another cause of failed MOTs that could have easily been avoided. For the benefit of your car, our mechanics recommend you also check brake, power steering and transmission fluids.

It is also important that motorists in Stevenage keep a close eye on coolant levels. Overheating could cause extensive damage to your car.

Book in for Class IV MOTs by calling S. Keene Autos of Stevenage on 01438 362 234. We are one of Hertfordshire’s most trusted independent garages.