MOTs in Stevenage | One of the Region’s Favourite Garages with Qualified Mechanics and Inspectors

To perform the annual MOT inspection, a workshop must have approval from the DVSA. S. Keene Autos is in a network of more than 20,000 registered testing centres and trades as one of the area’s most trusted independent garages. Motorists in our home town of Stevenage, and those in the surrounding Hertfordshire area, use us to perform Class IV MOTs because we have a reputation for honesty, integrity, fairness and impartiality.

Naturally, some cars fail the annual inspection and, when they do, motorists can leave MOT repairs in the capable hands of S. Keene Autos and qualify for a free retest.

MOT Testing

Class IV MOTs are visual inspections which check safety and roadworthiness aspects of your car or LCV. The test also includes a check on emissions. Motorists in Stevenage with a vehicle aged three years and over have a mandatory obligation to present it for testing annually before the current certificate runs out. Only a qualified mechanics and inspectors can perform MOTs, and the test must follow strict criteria set by the DVSA.

Pass the inspection and we issue you a new certificate that runs for one year. Fail the test, and we’ll perform any MOT repairs your car or LCV needs – usually on the same day – and present it for a free retest at our approved centre on Wedgewood Way in Stevenage.

S. Keene Autos keeps a record of your inspection on a system that connects to an electronic nationwide database so, before MOTs on your family cars expire, we send out a convenient reminder and invite you in for a test. If you know of an issue that could result in an inspection failure, bring your car along to our workshop and our mechanics will perform any MOT repairs it needs to improve the prospects of a first-time pass.

Like all good garages, our approved DVSA testing centre welcomes motorists from Hertfordshire locations within a wide radius of Stevenage.

MOT Repairs

When performing Class IV MOTs, our mechanics and inspectors might find an issue with your car that doesn’t lead to a test failure, but which may require your attention before the next inspection. At S. Keene Autos, we’ll always provide you with an advisory on borderline problems so that you can resolve them in your own time but still qualify for the pass certificate you need to drive legally for the next 12 months.

Driving without a valid MOT certificate could invalidate your insurance cover and cost you up to £1,000.00 in fines and penalties.

If you prefer not to deal with an advisory yourself, book in for MOT repairs at our Stevenage workshop and we’ll deal with them on your behalf. Please remember that MOTs confirm that your car or LCV is safe and roadworthy at the time of the test only, and that you should conduct a visual inspection of your vehicle weekly to check for signs of deterioration.

You can find out more about Class IV MOTS by visiting our company blog.

Call our mechanics on 01438 362 234 for Class IV MOTs at one of Stevenage’s favourite DVSA testing garages.