Fiat 500 Repairs in Stevenage | Servicing and Repairs from One of the Most Trusted Garages in Hertfordshire

The mechanics at S. Keene Autos, trading from one of the most reputable garages in the Stevenage area, have 140 years of combined experience in the fields of car servicing and car repairs. Our company has the scope and the equipment in place to work on makes and models from all major manufacturers. What sets us apart from the competition, however, is our aptitude for Fiat 500 servicing and Fiat 500 repairs.

We specialise in this timeless Italian model and work on every type of Fiat 500; either classic, modern or hybrid. S. Keene Autos of Stevenage also has DVSA authorisation to perform Class IV MOTs, and to undertake MOT repairs on cars which fail the annual inspection.

Fiat 500 Servicing And Fiat 500 Repairs

Most motorists believe that only a main dealership can perform car servicing or car repairs on the Fiat 500 model unless they’re prepared to sacrifice their warranties, but this isn’t true. Block exemption regulations make it possible for mechanics at independent garages in Stevenage to perform Fiat 500 servicing and Fiat 500 repairs without invalidating existing warranties or compromising the service history.

We can stamp your book after full or interim car servicing on a Fiat 500 to protect the warranty, and to maintain its future resale value. Because we work to manufacturer schedules and use genuine Fiat parts, our car repairs on this popular marque also protect the warranty.

Class IV MOTs on a Fiat 500 have no impact on warranties or service histories, but only approved DVSA garages and testing centres in the Stevenage area can conduct an inspection or perform MOT repairs.

S. Keene Autos has made Fiat 500 servicing and Fiat 500 repairs the cornerstones of its business, but never forgets the needs of local motorists who own a different make and model of car.

Class IV Mots And MOT Repairs

Car servicing is a form of preventative maintenance whereas car repairs focus on reactive work. Class IV MOTs cover the inspection of safety, roadworthiness and emission standards, but go hand-in-hand with a service for motorists who choose us for both. Book in for Fiat 500 servicing and MOTs at the same time, and our mechanics will undertake the work on both at a discounted package price.

Should your car need MOT repairs, we’ll take care of them on your behalf at prices which consistently beat those charged by dealership garages. Our prices for traditional Fiat 500 repairs, and work on all other marques, compare well against those charged by dealerships in Stevenage too.

At S. Keene Autos, we want to be your preferred car servicing and car repair specialist, and our mechanics use their unrivalled skill and experience to bring you a superior brand of service that other independent garages in Stevenage and Hertfordshire – and our dealership competitors – can rarely beat on price.

Call our mechanics on 01438 362 234 for Fiat 500 repairs, car servicing and Class IV MOTs at one of the most popular independent garages in the Stevenage area.