Car Servicing in Stevenage | The Benefits of Booking in for a Regular Service

It is not a legal requirement to service your car but, if you choose not to, you are at more risk to breakdowns, moving parts will wear down sooner and your fuel economy will suffer. At S. Keene Autos of Stevenage, we believe that preventative maintenance is a solid financial investment. It is more affordable to book in for scheduled car servicing than it is to cover the cost of frequent car repairs. Our mechanics can service all marques, makes and models.

Our latest blog post looks at the benefits of full and interim car servicing.


Somewhat understandably, road safety is the biggest benefit of all to having a car serviced at our popular garage in Stevenage. The annual service helps our mechanics to identify small problems before they become a more major issue. Car servicing covers a multipoint check of critical components and systems so that they won’t let you down at the worst possible moment. Just because a car drives well, it doesn’t mean there are no underlying faults.

Never be led into a false sense of security. Have your car serviced yearly and book in for an interim service after 6 months if you are a high-mileage driver.


While you might save money on car servicing if you don’t book in for interim or scheduled maintenance, it will prove to be a false economy when your vehicle eventually breaks down. A service includes the replacement of the engine oil, an important fluid that lubricates moving parts and components. Maintenance will save you money on the cost of car repairs and because your vehicle will run more efficiently, you’ll save money at the pump too.

The cost of repair work, hire cars and public transport soon adds up for any motorist in Stevenage who tries to avoid having their car serviced.


The better you look after your car, the longer its lifespan will be. Compare car servicing to the way you look after your body. A healthy regime will leave you feeling fitter and less prone to illnesses, fatigue and injuries. With the current increase in new and second-hand car prices, it makes sense that you’ll want your current vehicle to last for as long as possible. Having it serviced at the recommended interval can result in many years of trouble-free driving.

We trade from one of the friendliest garages in Stevenage. Our mechanics and technicians will always be transparent about what your car needs.

Resale Value

Book in for car servicing over the lifetime of your ownership and, should you decide to sell or upgrade to a new model, your current vehicle will still have a strong market resale value. One of the first things a buyer will want to see is the service history of your car. If there are gaps in the history, or if there is no history at all, you reduce the chances of making a worthwhile sale. A service is reasonable in cost, but it is priceless when it comes to holding resale values.

The mechanics at our Stevenage workshop service cars without affecting any remaining warranties, stamp your book and reset the service light.

Book in for car servicing by calling S. Keene Autos of Stevenage on 01438 362 234. We are one of Hertfordshire’s most trusted independent garages.